Anytime you want! As long as the time is available for booking in our "book now" page just pick the time you want, select the appointment length and pay your deposit to secure your tattoo appointment.

Small tattoos or flash can be modified during a regular tattoo session. We can discuss by chat, email or phone before you come in.

If you want a medium or large custom then please book an art consultation for $50 you can come discuss your custom tattoo. Not in town? No problem, it is actually easier for us to do consultations via email.

Easy! You can email them to yana@foxy.ink or drop images into our live chat app while talking to us.

That really depends. We charge based on time and sometimes it's hard to estimate. Things like multiple colours, advanced shading or different line weights all add time to a tattoo which costs more money.

Some things shouldn't be rushed and we want you to be happy with your tattoo because it's going to be with you a very long time. If you want to spread out the cost we can split up a tattoo over several sessions to work with your budget.

As a private studio, the city of Calgary does not allow us to post our address online. We will be happy to tell you our address when we speak to you.

We are able to tell you that the pin on the map is accurate! We are very close to the Stampede grounds in the neighbourhood of Erlton and located just off McLeod Trail SW.

Most people find getting a tattoo a little painful, but very tolerable. Certain spots tend to hurt more than others such as where bones are closer to the skin. However, being well prepared contributes a lot to handling pain well. Please make sure you had enough sleep, didn't drink the night before, and are well hydrated and eaten before your appointment.
Please advise if you are taking any blood thinning medications, want to use numbing cream or over the counter painkillers like Tylenol.

Yep! But, only if your parents agree to it. In addition, they need to book the appointment themselves and they have to come to the appointment and sign the contract and waiver for you.

It takes about a month for a tattoo to fully heal. We will bandage your tattoo after completing it and give you a written set of aftercare instructions to take home with you.

Yes. Getting a tattoo is a very personal thing and you don't want to be on display for lots of customers and staff. Appointments are generally one on one with the artist unless you make other arrangements to bring a friend or family for support.

Yes. We have the specialty equipment on location to make custom printed fabrics and ceramics. A large part of Yana's mixed-media art portfolio is done using sublimation techniques allowing her to print on just about anything. Your tattoo will need to be digitized first, but all our flash and most custom tattoo are hand-drawn and digitized.

Sometimes. Follow our Instagram page as we may annouce a flash sale or one-day booking sale through Instagram.

Yes, we can tattoo hands, feet or inner lip. However, we do not guarantee that the result will last, and do not offer free touch ups for these placements. Please do your research and see what these tattoos look like after a few months/years.

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