Foxy Ink is open again.

Foxy Ink is open again.

Foxy Ink Tattoo Studio is Re-opened in Calgary


It’s been a very strange year in Calgary… with two complete lockdowns of non-essential businesses due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Foxy Ink Tattoo Studio was forced to close in March of 2020 until the middle of June 2020. When the second lockdown arrived here we were forced to close the studio again in December for just over another month.

We are pleased to announce that Foxy Ink Tattoo Studio reopened on January 18, 2021!

During the lockdown times, we draw a lot of new flash and worked on perfecting some big custom pieces for some of our long-term clients. When we finally got to reopen in January there was a big rush of people coming in for appointments. It turns out tattoos are essential to some people! They are essential to us and we really missed our clients.

Here is one of the images of the work we’ve done since we reopened:

Medusa head custom drawing on a thigh.

And another:

Dot work hand Mandala.

And one more really awesome one:

Custom Raven, Wolf, and Dragonfly by Yana Emasheva.

All of these pieces turned out great and it’s really great to be back open to our clients. But! While we were locked down we were hard at work on a couple of new initiatives. We are very pleased to announce that our merchandise and graphic design store is ready to launch in February 2021 at

Please bookmark our page and watch as we roll out all kinds of great designs with our tattoo flash. We’ve invested in commercial t-shirt production materials and will be creating our own line of Foxy Ink apparel. Not only that, but we do custom work too!

Previously our designs were available on our shop on but we are very pleased to be able to bring them in-house. We perfected our shipping and packaging in 2020 too! Any order from Foxyink Design will ship quickly and securely to wherever you are in the world! We’ve already sent our first order to Adelaide, Australia.

We’re also working on a complete redesign of our website at Foxy Ink for launch this spring. Our new website will be faster loading and will come with an advanced online booking system that makes it easy for our clients to book a tattoo online. Our branded merchandise will be available too. We don’t know if another lockdown is in our future but we do know how to keep busy if it comes.

We really value the support we have received from the shop local movement in Calgary and all the great business people and clients who have helped us stay engaged with the community during this time.

Foxy Ink Tattoo Studio’s books are open

While our new booking system is a couple of months away we are happy to accept new bookings for a tattoo. You can call us at 587.323.FOXY or leave us a message on our website or Instagram page.

If you or a friend is looking for a big tattoo now is a great time to book with us as we have ample time to fit you in. Hurry though once we fill up our calendars we will go back to our regular booking schedule.