If you’re over 16 and if your parents agree to it. In addition, they need to book the appointment themselves and they have to come to the appointment and sign the contract and waiver for you.

You can book on the website through the book now button, select your time and date and pay your deposit to secure your tattoo appointment. If for some reason your request cannot be accommodated you will be contacted right away to pick an alternative day/time. You can also call 587 323 FOXY, email yana@foxy.ink or DM on Instagram @foxyinktattoo.

Please contact Foxy Ink as soon as possible if you need to cancel/reschedule an upcoming appointment. Please note that if you are changing your appointment with less than 5 DAY NOTICE you will lose any deposit you have paid. Also, if you are cancelling a RE-BOOKED appointment you will LOSE your deposit and you will require another one to book a new appointment.

Yes. However finger tattoos may require more frequent touch ups due to the nature of the placement.

As a private studio, the city of Calgary does not allow us to post our address online. I provide the exact address along with the parking information after the booking is made. We are able to tell you that the pin on the map is accurate! We are located in the SE quadrant in the community of Cranston.

Yes. All appointments require a deposit of $100+ gst. Please be advised that appointments are considered confirmed only after the receipt of a non-refundable deposit made via e-transfer. Your tentative agreed-upon appointment time will be held for a minimum of two days but for a maximum of five days pending receipt of your deposit. If you do not make a deposit, your appointment may be cancelled. The deposit will be kept to secure your appointment. The deposit amount will come off the price of the tattoo during your last hour of tattoo time when the project is completed.

It takes about a month for a tattoo to fully heal. We will bandage your tattoo after completing it and give you a written set of aftercare instructions to take home with you.

No problem. If you live outside the city, we can work with you through a combination of email correspondence, phone calls and a deposit in the form of an e-transfer.

No. Consultations are always free of charge! Most tattoos don't require a separate consultation but if one is needed, we can book it for you.

Yes. They are available in any amount and never expire.

The answer is yes. We can accommodate booking via text or email The following information would be required:


-reference pictures


-body location

-colour or black and grey

-contact phone number

-exact availability

After we receive the details, we can review options and follow up.