Girl’s Day at Foxy Ink Tattoo Studio

Girl’s Day at Foxy Ink Tattoo Studio

Four very lovely ladies from Edmonton who have all been friends for 10 years (and two since kindergarten) made a plan to do a road trip to Calgary and get matching tattoos. Each of the girls designed or picked their own mountain tattoo and booked the studio for an entire Saturday. They had been planning to get a group tattoo for over a year, but it took a while for them to find a concept they could all agree to. And, for three of the four ladies, this was their very first tattoo.

Everyone’s mountain tattoo reflected their personality well. Each one was different but still met their goal of getting matching tattoos. It was nice to be able to be a part of a day they will always remember. We did ankle tattoos, shoulder tattoos and even one rib tattoo. Placement ideas even included a mountain behind the ear. 

The studio was a bit crowded with five of us girls but we worked away for the entire afternoon, modifying the designs on the fly. Everyone had to make sure the placement of each other’s tattoos were perfect and many many photos were taken. They all took pictures of the first moment the needle went in… which, they learned, wasn’t really a big deal. It doesn’t hurt that bad!

The results were great! We wound up doing six tattoos in total over the course of the afternoon. Maybe this is the start of a trend, tattoo spa day, girls tattoo day, team tattoos? Anyway, it was a great time. Two of the tattoos below were designed by the clients themselves and it was a lot of fun to match the style of the original artists!

If you want to book a group session for three or more people to get matching tattoos send a message to us and we will get you in!