Our Philosophy

We are inclusive and respectful of all bodies, skin tones, genders and cultures. 

Each custom tattoo is a collaboration - we work together to realize your vision through my skill. I try to create a personal experience and offer options depending on the visual impact you’re looking for.

Safety and sanitation
We only use disposable materials so you can have peace of mind and feel safe. All items that may be touched during a procedure are barrier wrapped to prevent cross contamination. All needles are pre-packaged, sterile and single use. Needles are disposed of immediately after each tattoo procedure into a biohazard sharps container. We completed the required Bloodborne pathogens course.

Covid procedures
Ensuring social distancing protocols are adhered to, with some necessary exceptions.
Requiring clients to wear a mask/face cover and to perform hand hygiene before entering and leaving the shop.
Screening for COVID-19 symptoms and risk factors of all clients and visitors to the shop.
Cleaning the reception area with appropriate disinfectants frequently and after every client/visitor.
Cleaning door handles after each use.
Airing out the studios before and after appointments to reduce airborne pathogen concentration and promote oxygen flow.

We provide a custom, private, clean and calm atmosphere where you will have all your questions answered. Being tattooed can be a vulnerable experience and my goal is your ultimate comfort. 

The studio can only serve one guest at a time so it’s very private. If you have any special requests for your experience please mention them in the project info form.