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Custom Tattoo Drawing

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If you are serious about getting a custom tattoo then the first step is to order a custom design. If you only need minor modifications to an existing design or image you don’t need to order a custom design. We can make many small changes in a regular tattoo session.

If you want us to design a completely custom tattoo this is for you. Please note, this is just the starting point for a custom tattoo and the fee is for the drawings and revisions only. Large projects may take a few revisions to get it right. Send us any images you need to explain your idea and we will get started drawing your completely customized tattoo art. If you want to schedule a call or chat we can arrange a time for that when we aren’t tattooing someone else.

Please allow at least 72 hours from booking to see the custom art. You will still need to book a tattoo session in our online calendar in addition to ordering drawings.